Importance Of Health Insurance – Today And Forever

It was cold, windy evening of January 2020. Mr. & Mrs Arora (retired couple, both senior citizens) were enjoying winter evening & having a cup of hot coffee in their 3 BHK luxurious apartment in South Delhi when they received a phone call. Next 15 days were one of the worst period they experienced in their lives. Their son, Mr. Akash Arora in his late 20’s met with a severe accident while driving a car on his way back to Delhi from Chandigarh due to intense fog. He incurred multiple fractures and was in hospital for 15 days. Fortunately he survived and recovered fully after 15 days of hospitalization, but the total medical bill made Aroras poorer by Rs.7 lakhs. Unfortunately Akash had medical cover of only Rs.3 lakhs assuming this would be sufficient for him at a young age of 27.

As Aroras belong to higher income group and have created wealth over the years, additional Rs.4 lakhs which they had to pay from their own pockets did not pinch them much but not all of us belong to that category. Can such type of incidence happen to any of us ? Are we in a position of bear cost of high hospitalization/medical bills on our own ?

You may argue that this can be an exceptional event and may not happen in everyone’s life. But can we predict which family will suffer this trauma and which one will escape ? Another point worth highlighting here is lifestyle related health problems. In today’s fast paced life when every one of us is a part of the ‘rat race’ and all of us want to win that race, we are leaving healthy living habits behind. Eating junk food, irregularity in eating habits, high pressured work culture resulting in incidences like heart attack at a young age or diabetics or blood pressure problems. These have become very common in India now.

Unfortunately in India we mostly realize importance of medical insurance only when something of this sort happen either to us or to our near & dear ones. Why to leave things to destiny when you can cover the risk through medical insurance, popularly known as mediclaim.

Understanding the Basic Traits of Health Insurance:
Health insurance is a contract between insurance company (insurer) and insuree who takes insurance coverage against any medical emergency by paying a specified price (called premium) depending on multiple factors. Health insurance is nothing but passing risk of bearing medical cost to insurance company against the premium paid.

So medical insurance is nothing but passing risk/cost of medical treatment to insurance company by paying premium. So in event of any medical treatment, your insurance company will pay you to the extent of insurance cover against the premium paid by you.